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Need Clothes? Know someone else that does? Tell them about

The Clothes Closet

***We are located at 21 Washington St, Bristol VA and our hours are the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 11am-6pm***

We operate a clothing closet for those who are in need of clothing.  We do not limit the areas we serve, it is open to anyone who wants to visit us. Primarily we serve those in Southwest VA and Eastern TN. We have a big variety of sizes and styles for both men and women, boys and girls located in approximately 3500 square feet. Of course our selection is based on what people have donated and can vary sometimes by the day or week. While we may not have what you need or want on the Tuesday you visit, we could have it by the following month.

There is never any charge for the clothing. It is freely given to us and we freely give it away. You do not have to provide proof of income or proof that you are in need of it, we work strictly on the honor system. However we do ask that you would remember this is designed for those who are in need and we ask that you not come and take them to resell them at a flea market or yard sale. We do limit everyone to one visit per month and also may limit the number of certain items (i.e. small household  appliances, blankets, etc) depending on what we have available.

Items we can ALWAYS use (we never seem to have enough of):

  • children's clothing

  • XL and larger clothing

  • tshirts

  • sleepwear

  • underwear & socks

  • tennis shoes

  • men's work pants/jeans (not dress slacks)

  • towels/sheets/household linens

Items we do NOT need or cannot use:

  • women's blazers

  • vests

  • clothing that is ripped, torn, or stained

  • nonworking household items

  • toys/games that are partially complete or broken

  • large furniture items

If you are considering making a donation please remember to make sure the clothing is in good repair and clean. If it has buttons missing, a seam ripped, tears, or really badly stained then we are unable to use it. Please take the time to repair it before you bring it. Also please make sure the clothes are clean. We do receive donations from time to time that have not even been washed or have been in storage for some time and mildewed and we simply can't use these. It is difficult to believe but yes it does happen.

We desperately need your financial support to help keep us operating. We do have operating expenses such as utilities etc. People like for it to be warm in there when they come to search for clothing :-).

 Please consider this when you are looking for a worthwhile charity to donate financially to. Even if you can't afford to donate much, every $1 helps.

We also send items to missionaries as we have funds available. If you would like to mail a donation to help with shipping please consider doing so. We also are able to accept donations through Paypal.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to email us. Checks should be made payable to Higher Faith Ministries and mailed to:

Higher Faith Ministries
1509 Kentucky Ave
Bristol TN 37620

We will be more than happy to mail you a receipt for your  FINANCIAL tax deductible contribution if you so desire one. When you donate to this ministry you will know that it is not going to pay salaries as everyone who works in this ministry is a volunteer. Instead it will go to help as many people as possible through the various works that we do.

Copywritten 1996-2013 by Higher Faith Ministries Inc. Bristol TN. All rights reserved.