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We believe in supporting the native missionaries overseas through prayer and by sending items to them as we have finances to do so.

 In many countries you will find native missionaries who believe in taking the gospel to their own unbelieving neighbors. Over the years we have had the pleasure of being in communication with and encouraging through teachings and prayer missionaries in various countries including Liberia, Uganda, Philippines, India, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Pakistan. We have received invitations to come and minister in several of these countries. We have already been able to go to Ghana and Uganda. We believe the Lord is leading us back to Uganda for our next trip for more pastoral trainings and possibly into Kenya.

Some put their lives in danger every day just by living a Christian life especially in areas where a great number of the population is Muslim. These ministers often have no means of support as they are discriminated against simply for being Christian and are unable to obtain work. This makes it difficult to support their families. Many suffer beatings, their homes being burned and complete rejection by many of their neighbors and family members. It is crucial that we here in America support them through our prayers and actions as much as possible. Many live in poverty yet are the most giving people you will find.

While in Uganda we experienced seeing this first hand. At several of the pastor's trainings we did there were ministers with needs. We saw many give their last shillings to help someone who was being evicted, trusting that God would supply their need when they were in need. Truly there is more Christian love for their brothers and sisters in other countries than we find in many American churches today.

We ask that if you would want to support some of the work in other countries, please contact us. We can put you directly in contact with a minister in many of the countries or you can simply mail a donation to us at

Higher Faith Ministries
Attn: Mission Fund
1509 Kentucky Ave
Bristol, TN 37620

and if you wish to specify a country it should go that is fine. We would be happy to send it on. Remember these brothers and sisters need your prayers.


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