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The Good Shepherd

   While thinking about all the poems and stories I get in email, most of which are talking about being depressed or troubled or whining "why aren't things better" the following story came to me.
   There was a shepherd that had acres and acres of good land for his sheep to graze in, with only one patch of thorns in it, yet day after day he had to rescue the sheep that got stuck in it. After a while he puts up a fence to keep them out of trouble. Thinking he has succeeded he starts walking away but heard them making a ruckus. To his amazement they are gathered around the fence, butting it. He runs screaming for them to stop, but two of them turn on the shepherd and start charging him. He managed to get away, but in the meantime the sheep got through the fence and stuck in the thicket. The shepherd tried and tried to keep them safe and happy but they were determined to do what they wanted, so instead of living a happy life which was provided for them, they chose to do what would hurt them and make them miserable. The shepherd kept trying to help them but eventually they ran the shepherd off because they wanted to do things there way. Then there was no one to save them from a sure death once they were deep in the thicket.
   The shepherd is Jesus and the good land is the blessings that God has prepared for us. The thorns are all the bad things that happen to us because of our disobedience. The fence is the Word that he has given us so we would know what to do to stay out of Satan's snares. The shepherd (Jesus) kept trying to help the sheep but they made it clear that they no longer wanted his help he left them to fend for themselves.
The Bible was given to us so that we could stay out of Satan's snares and receive all the blessings that God has for us. If we will believe the entire Bible and not just parts and live it, then we will live happy, productive, Christian lives and be a shining beacon in a world of darkness.

Have a blessed day.
Apostle Charlie Hale

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