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The Master Mechanic

   When your car breaks down where do you run to? Most of us call up the mechanic we trust and ask him what's wrong. If he is a good mechanic, he knows what is wrong just by our description of it. If he has done all your routine maintenance on your vehicle he probably knows it better than you do and often will know what is wrong before we tell him all about it. All we have to do is take it to him.
   Jesus is the same way. He is our mechanic. When our bodies break down and our spirit is hurting he knows what is wrong. For those who have maintained the proper maintenance on their walk with him, it is easier to fix because he knows where our weak spots are. If it is a person that only comes when the troubles hit, it takes that person longer to trust that he does know how to fix them. They don't have the benefit of trusting that he has been with them through the good and bad times and knows how they work.
   Do you trust Jesus with your routine maintenance? Or do you try to do it all yourself and only take it to him when the real bad things happen? Jesus wants us to come to him on a regular basis and talk about all the little pings that we might be hearing. If we go to him on a regular basis for our routine maintenance, often the things that might turn into big things can be caught when they are still little and easier fixed.
   This is similar to a car. Which is easier to do, change the oil or have the rods replaced because you didn't care enough to keep an eye on how the the oil was looking? By keeping the oil changed, you have prevented the major damage being done to valves or rods. You have took care of what you had.
   In our Christian walk for example, if we have had our feelings hurt by someone, we can go to Jesus and he can heal that hurt instead of it developing into a full blown case of anger, resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness toward our Christian brother. Which is easier to fix?

   I hope this has given you something to think about. Don't wait for the big things to go to Jesus about. Make it a habit to be in regular contact with him. Don't wait till you go to church on Sunday. Think about how much damage can be done to a car if you drive it for several days with a loud knocking in the engine. As soon as you feel that first inkling that something isn't right, take it straight to Jesus. Don't let it develop into something major.

Have a blessed day.

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