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Seeking With a Whole Heart

   And ye shall seek me and find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13
   How many times do we halfway do something and then complain because its not done right? We say we are looking for God to solve our problem yet we can't accept that we have to wholeheartedly look for him. If we say maybe he will maybe he won't then that is not searching and looking with a whole heart.
   How many times have you prayed for an answer to a prayer and felt like you didn't get the answer? You felt like the windows of heaven were shut up tight? Maybe you needed a financial need met, or maybe you needed a healing, or maybe you wanted to see a loved one saved but you would not pray with your whole heart and then wondered why didn't God hear my prayer.
   Maybe while you were praying, your mind was wondering what am I going to cook for dinner or maybe how many people were coming over. How sincere was your prayer? Was your whole heart in it or was it a repetition of so many prayers you have said before? So often we fall into a rhythm, a repetition of our prayer, "Lord save my brother, Lord save my sister, Lord I need that money to pay that bill, Lord my mother needs healing, Lord work this custody battle out, you know the baby's father's family would be worse for that baby that what we would be, Lord I'm so down I just can't make it . "
   Are you guilty of praying the same things over and over and having lost the sincerity of your prayers? Are you guilty of not seeking with a whole heart? Are you guilty of while praying looking around to see if everyone else is about through so you can hurry up to? Are you guilty of being as a Pharisee and praying just to be seen? Do you want answers to your prayers?
   Get sincere and seek with a whole heart and you will find the answers you are looking for.                                                    Have a blessed day.

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