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A New Bible

I finally gave in and bought a new Bible, first new one I ever bought for myself. My old one is one of those that has been used for so long that it is falling apart. My parents bought it for me when I turned  ten. It's the only one I ever used.  I've had others available but never used them much.
It's a KJV Nelson Study Bible. My old was a Nelson and well, I just like the way the references etc. run. You would just have to see my old one. It has a blue cover that has been taped together along the edges. It has pages falling out and one in Isaiah is half missing where my son tore it out and ate it as a baby. The concordance has all the references from the beginning of W missing. I don't know if I will ever get all my notes etc. moved into the margins etc.  Hard to move 25 years of notes. It's like abandoning an old friend. My husband swears I still will probably use the old one more and he's probably right. I've got sermon notes and study notes and helpful things and promises. I might not remember exactly what a scripture is by verse but I can tell you which side of the page it's on and where on the page it is, which column and about where.  Just like an old friend you know inside and out. I can look at my Bible and trace my growth as a Christian. Which brings me to the thought for today.....

How well do you know your Bible? How well do you know your Lord? Does your Bible reflect your relationship? Does your Bible reflect your walk with God? Is it marked and scarred from the battles? Is it covered with dust? Does it look as new as the day it was given to you? Is it totally sacred and not something to be used except on special occasions and is only there as a symbol of your worship to a holy and mighty God? Is the God you serve some distant and mighty person who you are afraid to touch and get to know in a personal one on one relationship?

Does your Bible reflect that? What sort of life are you living? Is your walk and intimate one with a God who loves you and cares about you? Do you get into his word to know what he has to say to you? His word was given to us as a road map not as a symbolic idol. It was designed to give us each guidance as we walk down the road of life. The guidance that we so desperately desire and the companionship we crave can be found throughout its many pages.

A t-shirt I own has the saying on it "A Bible that is falling apart is a sign of a life that isn't". To me this is a true statement. Because a person who turns to their Bible when the trials come is one who knows where to go to find the answers.

Look to your Bible for the answers to why your life is in the shape it is today. There in you will find the answers. Therein you will find the answers to the trials you are going through.

I leave you with the thought today....What does your Bible reveal about you?

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