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   This morning I want us to consider anger. Have you ever thought about what happens when we get angry? Have you ever felt that you could just tear someone's head off they made you so mad? Where do you think that uncontrollable rage comes from?
   Many times we hear Christians say you're not supposed to get angry its a sin. That is something the devil will use. If he can keep a Christian from getting mad at him then he isn't in as much danger from them. Just as we turn our anger on whatever has us upset if we get upset with Satan then we could turn that anger on him and he doesn't want that so he sneakily tells Christians oh you aren't supposed to get mad. Well we come to that question that people are using so much today What Would Jesus Do? Jesus was angry when he threw the people out of the temple. He overturned the moneychangers tables, he cast them out. Did Jesus sin then? The Bible tells us that he was perfect, that there was no sin in him, otherwise how could he have been pure to be the sacrificial lamb for our sins. He cursed a fig tree for not having figs when he was hungry, even though the time of figs was not yet. This clearly sounds as if he was frustrated and angry.
   God himself got angry. In Exodus 32 we find where, while Moses was on the mount talking to God, that the children of Israel made a golden calf to worship. He tells Moses to leave him alone that his wrath may wax hot against the children of Israel and destroy them and he would make a great nation out of Moses. Moses reminds God of the promises made to Isaac and Abraham and Israel his servants about giving them the land and Moses also reminded God about how if he destroyed the children of Israel that the Egyptians would say, what kind of God was that to lead them out to destroy them. Yes God becomes angry too. He made us in his image so if God can get angry and upset there is no reason why we can't.
   It is how we use that anger that is important. What we do with that anger and how we deal with it. If we go off in a murderous rage then it becomes a sin. If we destroy others property then it is a sin. But we are told to anger and sin not. This is possible. That is where we ask the Lord to help us to control our tempers and not lose them over the slightest things.
   Is your child going to respect you if you blow up on them over the littlest things not done? Is your child going to learn to respect God if you don't? If you lose your cool because your child didn't listen the first time what will that teach them? Now don't get me wrong here a child does need to learn to listen and obey but they need to learn it because it is important to do what they are told. When the children of Israel did what they were told God blessed them. When they didn't they were punished. We need to learn to use our anger wisely. If we use our anger in a way that we do not sin then God will allow us this fault, He knows we aren't perfect. We all blow up. We all get mad. It is a part of being human. But if we can listen to the calm reasoning voice of the Holy Spirit we can keep from blowing our witness to our children and to those around us. We are supposed to be a light to others and for others to want to be like us. Will others want to be like someone that is always angry? always grouchy? always hateful?
   Ask the Lord to help you today and every day to keep your cool. You'll worry less, be happier, and be a much brighter light.

Have a blessed day.

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