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My God is an Awesome God

My God is an awesome God…words to a worship song that is used in many churches today. Have you ever truly considered what a worship song is? It is praise to the most high God. One who created us, loves us, takes care of us. One who watches over us and knows what we truly need in this life. Often many people take God for granted. They put him in a box, only to be taken out as needed. He is there when they want him but when they want to be in control of every situation they are in. They don’t want to bother God with their everyday problems and issues.

When was the last time you asked God where you should go out to eat? When was the last time you asked God what you should do on vacation? What about the last time you asked God if you should go to Wal-Mart tonight or tomorrow? Yes those are trivial things but God can help you make those choices as well as the big ones such as where do I go to college, how do I support my family and where do you want me to go apply for a job?

About a year ago ( in 2004) I lost my job where I was working in a factory. I was frustrated and aggravated with the work and working conditions there so it was sort of a blessing anyways. I really didn’t want to work full time but I knew I needed to work to help pay all the bills we had. I finally said to God, "Okay God where do you want me to work? If you want me to work fine I will but you’re going to have to drop this job in my lap so I know that it is where you want me to be. And while you’re at it I want a job that I don’t have to work weekends, that is a good place to work preferably with Christian bosses so I don’t have to listen to foul language and cussing all the time, worry about being stabbed in the back and insulted constantly, and that is willing to work around all the volunteer work that I do and enjoy. I also want a job that is understanding that if I have a seizure and am unable to work for a few days it won’t be a problem. Oh and lets not forget, it needs to be something I will like." I figured that if I was going to be working I might as well ask for everything I wanted.

Well of course God, in the awesome way he works, gave me such a job. It dropped in my lap so to speak when I was attempting to set up an activity for my Girl Scout troop. They told me they were hiring and asked me if I would be interested. Each and every condition was met and they told me to go home and pray about it and they would to and to call them that evening.  That evening I called and they offered me a job and I could decide if I wanted to take it. Of course I had prayed about it and I felt it was right and accepted it. I have been in this job for over a year now and its been great. But of course when God does something it is always great. That’s what many people fail to understand. When God is in control we don’t have to worry about something that is going to go wrong because he will make it all come out all right.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask God for help with any decision you have to make. You may consider it small and trivial but it is something that you are concerned about and that is what God wants us to do. To bring all our concerns and cares to him, not just the big ones. Let him bear your burdens and don’t hesitate to thank him and praise him for all he does for you. After all God is awesome and well capable of handling anything you may throw at him.

God bless you and keep us in your daily prayers. 

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