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Battles. We all have them. Big, small, strong weak, it doesn't matter, We all have our own battles to fight in our efforts to overcome the world. To some it is the battle of health. To others its the call of alcohol or drugs. The battle of sex addiction, the battle of homosexuality, the battle to steal, to be prideful, to covet what others have or any of a number of other things. Everyone in life has at least one "thorn in the flesh" that they have to overcome through the grace of God or that God will use to keep them humble.

How do you overcome them? Well there has to be a honest desire to change. No matter how much momma prays for Junior to give up drinking until Junior is ready to give it up for himself it isn't going to make a difference. Once that honest desire to change has taken place in the heart, only then can a change come about. The person has to accept Jesus along with the responsibilities of serving him. When that has happened, then they have a right to ask God to help them to overcome whatever it is, or to give them a miracle deliverance from it.

Christians are the ones subject to attack. I have heard some people say "Well I've been a Christian for 20 years and I never have the problems you seem to. Apparently you aren't doing something right.". Well if in 20 years Satan isn't attacking them then something must be wrong. You don't attack someone on your side already, you attack the enemy. If you aren't being attacked it must be because either you've already learned to deal with attacks OR the more likely reason would be "Why attack? We've already got him." If you are not being attacked you might want to reconsider your walk with God.

Not having a battle? What are you not doing you should be doing? Perhaps it is time to seek and find out. Or does Satan already have you and its not worth the effort to fight?

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