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   And then shall many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another. Matthew 24:10
   How much betrayal do we see in these days? How often do we hear of friends betraying friends? How many times is someone offended over something small that has happened and it has escalated into a full blown battle between friends? Satan will use whatever he can to destroy a Christian. If he can cause someone to gossip or tell a lie on someone or repeat something in confidentiality then that is letting him have the victory.
   How often does something that was very small turn into a big issue. Maybe it started with a careless comment, "My wife doesn't understand me. We don't relate anymore," and before you know it Satan has snuck in and planted a seed in the heart of that person and a couple of different things could happen. That person could start listening and before you know an affair in in the works, or maybe the person the remark was made to went and told someone else," you know they are not relating anymore Mr. N told me that his wife don't listen and care anymore." And then that person goes and says, "Mr N and his wife are having a really rough time. Wonder if he's cheating on her or what?" Then that person goes and says, "did you hear bout Mr. N and his wife? They are having problems. Wonder if they are talking divorce?" And on and on it goes. Satan has snuck in started planting seeds of doubt. It goes on around and Mrs. N gets word of it and feels betrayed. Who could have done such a thing to her? What started as a careless comment has grown into a major issue.
   This is so much of what is going on in the world today. Friends talking bout friends, families against families, husbands against wives. Betrayal and offending are two of Satan's favorite tools to use against a Christian. Christians are taught to stand against the big sins but the sins of lying and backbiting and offending others are glossed over. Christians aren't taught that these things aren't right. That's where the blame falls onto the churches and pastors and teachers for not teaching new Christians that there is more to serving Jesus than avoiding the obvious sins and going out and witnessing. No matter how much witnessing you do if you do not live a life of truthfulness and honesty and respect then you will not be an effective witness.
   We have to be ever ready and watching for Satan you never know when he will attack and throw in a sneaky dart. Be always on the alert for his lies. Watch out for him trying to get you to betray a confidence. Watch out for him trying to get you to repeat something you heard. Be ever ready. Remember he will sneak in if you let your armor down even for a minute or two he is ever watching and waiting to ensnare a believer into his traps.

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