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Children Are a Blessing

Lo children are an heritage of the Lord... Psalms 127:3

   Too often we forget what a blessing children are. We push them aside and don't take the time that is needed to really learn what they are all about. We often are in a hurry for them to learn to crawl, then we want them to walk, then we push them out into a world they may not be ready for. Many times we don't have the patience and love we should have in order to teach them the values we want them to have. We often treat them as we would treat an adult and forget they haven't learned all the coping skills we have.
   Children have a unique ability to see the good in everything much as what Jesus had. He saw the good in each of us what we could become. It is no wonder that we are called children throughout the Bible. Many times we act as a child.
   Have you ever seen a toddler throw a tantrum in a store? Most of us have and we blame the parent for not correcting them. But the child has learned that's how they can get their way cause mom will give in instead of being embarrassed. Isn't that what some Christians do with God? God if you don't give me what I want then I don't know what I'm gonna do. We throw our little pouting fits and get mad at God cause he told us no. But it is a parents job to correct our children just as God must correct us. If he didn't correct us then he would not be a loving parent.
   How many times have we seen kids who grow up in a home where there is never any rules or discipline taught? Most of the time these kids grow up with the feeling that no one cares about them. They have very low self esteem and often turn to the kids they hang around with for their acceptance and love. If they want to become friends with our kids too often we say no they are a bad influence I don't want them hanging round with my kids. Did you ever stop to think that maybe YOU could make a difference in that child's life? Maybe you could show that child some love and attention. If you would take some time to get to know that child you might be able to understand what has made them that way. Explain to them the rules of your house and the consequences of not following them. I have found in my own experiences of working with kids if you lay down some boundaries and let them know you mean it they will usually follow your guidelines. Most of the time all these kids need to know is someone cares.
   If children were not a blessing why would the psalmist have said they were? Have you ever seen a child's eyes widen at the sight of something they are seeing for the first time? Or heard a scream of excitement the first time they rode a thrilling ride at the amusement park? Had 10-12 kids come for a giant sleepover and had everyone leave saying what a great time they had?
   Sure it takes some effort for a parent to try to make a difference but it is worth it both for your kids as well as others. If we don't work toward something then it isn't worth having. Children are God's way of reminding us of the beautiful good things he has created. Take some time and listen to what your kids are telling you, it'll be worth it.

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