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Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

   Doubt such a little word. But it can come cause such problems. Oftentimes we don't realize just what doubt can do with our walk with God. Doubt is one of Satan's most powerful weapons. If he can cause us to doubt, he has caused us to falter and has been successful in keeping us from trusting God.
   Doubt can allows other things to come at us. For example you hear the Lord's voice telling you to do something. You obey but you don't see any results during the time that you feel you should have. Along comes Doubt. "Maybe you weren't in God's will when you did that" it whispers. You hear that and start thinking, maybe I wasn't really in God's will. Isn't long before along comes a spirit of unbelief. "Maybe you didn't really hear God's voice, " Doubt says. You start not believing that you are really hearing God's voice. In the meantime old Unbelief is getting ready. "That's right," he chimes in. "God doesn't really talk to people today. That was just in the Bible days."
   Now we have Doubt and Unbelief working together. Along comes Fear and Pride. You have started to think maybe these things are from Satan and you ought to get people to pray for you. Now they don't want that. Pride throws in, "You don't want people to pray for you . That would be humiliating for people to think you are too weak of a Christian to overcome a little thing like doubt." Fear adds, "that's right and think how scary it would be to have to tell all those people."
It goes on. Along with Pride comes Self Righteousness. Along as it goes along unchecked by the Spirit it will continue. More and more of Satan's influences will come in. Before long there is a spirit of Indifference and Apathy. "What good will it do me to do anything," they throw in. And before you know you are no longer an on fire Christian but a lukewarm one. And where did all this start? With a little spirit called Doubt.
   Doubt is often underestimated for the power it has. We think of doubt as being a little thing we overcome early on in our walk with God. We don't think of it attacking the "mature" Christian. Doubt is a sabotage specialist. Its like the Green Beret of spirits. It goes in to open the way for the other spirits. If we allow Doubt in we are allowing ourselves to be opened up for Satan. Stay on guard. Stay in touch with God and always be on the alert for an attack. 
Have a blessed day.

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