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   And he said unto another, "Follow me." but he said Lord let me first to go and bury my father. Jesus said unto him "Let the dead bury their dead; but go thou and preach the kingdom of God." Matthew 9:59-60

   How often do we make excuses? Oh Lord, I'd love to go and serve you but you know I got a family that I have to take care of , or I got a best friend who's sick. Lord I can't go preach your word, my family depends on me to see they have clothes to wear and food to eat. Lord, I'll tell you what, I'll go to seminary school at night and that way I can get prepared to step into a pastorship after I get my degree.
   Hello!!!!!! God don't strike bargains. If he has called you to do a work then he expects you to do that work. He don't accept excuses, he don't accept procrastination, he don't accept making deals. If he has called you into a work, then he has prepared you for that work and he expects you to take up your cross and follow him.
   We all are not be called to be an Oral Roberts or Billy Graham. Some of us may be called to be a Davie Wilkerson or Nicky Cruz and work with the youth. Some of us are called to be missionaries to foreign shores. Some of us may be called to be modern day Jeremiah, or a modern day Paul. Some of us may be called to be prayer warriors. Whatever we are called to do the Lord has prepared us and he won't accept excuses.
   Imagine for a moment the judgment day has come. You are standing before the Lord and he says, "Mrs. A, could you tell me why you didn't take soup to the Jones family where the mother had just passed away when I impressed on your heart to? Do you know that if you had obeyed me that family would have came to know me that day? Can you tell me why you didn't?" What kind of answer can you give him? "Well Lord you know I had that charity bazaar to go to," or maybe "Well Lord that was the day we had the women's society tea at church" What kind of an answer do you think that would be? Is there any answer that will stand up when the Lord asked us why we didn't do what he called us to do?
What about the way we pray? Do you pray for others before yourself? Or do you pray for all your wants and needs and then add a "by the way Lord would you bless all the sick poor and hungry?"
   We are called to be servants. We are called to share the Love of Christ. That may be through preaching his word or it may be through feeding a hungry family. It may be through owning a business and employing those who are having a hard time or it may be by helping someone find a place to live when they have no where to go. It may be something as simple as buying a pair of work boots for a stranger who comes by asking for work to earn the money to buy him a pair so he can get a job.
   The point is we are all called to do something for the Lord and whatever it is God isn't going to accept excuses. If we know we are supposed to do something for God and we don't do it then it is sin, pure and simple. Are you going to let disobedience cause you to lose your rewards in heaven? Are you going to go before the judgment seat of Christ with nothing but excuses to offer him?
   Obedience is better than sacrifice. If Jesus looks at Mrs. A and asked her why she didn't take the soup to the Jones family do you think it is going to matter if she looks at him and says, "but I donated all those clothes to the homeless shelter, and I always gave bags of food to the food pantry, and even donated my old computer to the boys and girls club." Those are all well and good but it doesn't matter how many good works you do, if you are not doing them because you are being obedient to what God tells you to do it is for nothing. Good works will not get you into heaven and will not get you any more rewards. We can't distract Jesus with "But look what I have done" we have to be able to answer for the things he has told us to do.
   He wants us to be obedient and willing. To take up our cross and follow him. To do the things he has called us to do. Everyone has a different mission field to work on. The person who can reach a dope addict isn't the same type person who will reach a kid who has always had a lot of material things or the same kind of person who will reach a high fashion model. We all have our callings that we must work in. We all must go forth and be the best that we can be for the Lord. No excuses.
Have a blessed day.

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