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God's Timing

   Good morning to you all. My thought today revolves around God's timing. Have you ever wondered about why God does something at a certain time in our life? Something that we as humans can't possibly see any good in?
   Lately it has come to my attention that almost every one of us gets into a frame of mind of God won't let anything bad happen to us as long as we are making an effort to serve him.
   I would like to share a story with you. I have a friend who last summer (1997) had a baby. Now this friends other child was 14 when she found out she was pregnant again. She had believed she had gotten saved at 16 after her first son was born and all these years had claimed to be a Christian, but her life didn't change at all. Well all of a sudden, after having had her tubes tied for several years, she finds out that she is pregnant again.
   Now you may say how could this be good? That is what a lot of people were saying. Her son is almost grown. Well this friend had always wanted a daughter. So when she found out it was a little girl she was carrying she was very happy. But why had God waited so long to give her a daughter? Well as the pregnancy progressed she found out the little girl had all kinds of problems ranging from having fluid on the brain to spina bifida to club foot. They told her the little girl would probably not live but a few hours if at all. Well of course this distressed my friend as it would any mother to be. Even though she was shocked at being pregnant, she was looking forward to having the daughter she always wanted. She admitted right off it had to be an act of God otherwise why would she have gotten pregnant after so many years and having her tubes tied?
   As time went on she started going to church more and started seeking God for a healing for her unborn child. The day came for her delivery. She was excited and scared at he same time. What if the baby didn't live? She had a c section done and never even got to see the baby before they rushed her off to the specialty hospital. there the baby was put on life support and they told her that the baby might live a few hours. When our friend got out of the hospital 2 days later the baby was still alive and she went to that hospital to stay with her. They still had the baby in icu so our friend stayed in the Ronald McDonald house. After a few days the baby was breathing on her own and was stable enough to go home. Our friend took her home knowing that this child might not live but a day or two at home . She had already exceeded the doctors expectations by several days. Sure enough after a couple days at home the baby died. Our friend told us that the baby struggled to live until the morning she had her in the bed with her and she looked at her little daughter and said its ok if you want to go on to Jesus. She then fell asleep and when she awoke the baby had died.
   Now you asked how could that have been of God's timing? Well, after her daughter had died and she knew she was with Jesus it made our friend start praying more and asking God why. It was then during that feeling of loss that she realized that she had never been saved. She freely admits to this and says that had not God sent her this daughter she had always wanted and then took her away that she would have never known what true salvation and joy feels like.
   She now attends an on fire church and is on fire herself. You can now see that she is a Christian. Her entire life has made a complete turn around. Had she never had this child she might never have come to the realization she wasn't saved. So many people repeat a prayer and never feel a change just like she had done. When Jesus comes into your heart then there will be a change. There will light where before there was darkness.
   So don't be so critical of people going through a hard time saying they must have done something wrong for God to punish them. Maybe he is trying to get them to see they aren't where they need to be. He doesn't want to be second in someone's life he wants to be first and when you pray for God to do whatever it takes to reach someone then that is what he will do. So don't complain when the hard times come upon that person. That may be what it is going to take and all God is doing is answering your prayers.

Have a blessed day.

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