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Little Child

   And said Verily I say unto you except ye be converted and become as little children ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3

   Why did God say you had to become as a little child? do you have any idea? Have you ever considered why he would have said something like this? How big of a child can comfortably set on a lap? Not a big child just a small one. Now why would Jesus say you had to become as a little child?
   Well a little child is eager to learn. They are always eager to go out and learn as much as they can about the world. A little child is always exploring, always trying new things. They are willing to learn.
   A little child isn't afraid. We are not born with a spirit of fear, that is something that is learned. We are taught to fear things a small child will have no fear unless its parent teaches it that it should fear. If a mother is always going out of her way saying, "watch out sweetie you might fall," she teaches the baby to fear taking a chance on walking or bicycling or whatever it is the child is trying to learn. The child will not fear unless it is taught to fear by someone who is "more mature" than them. The same with a spiritual child. A spiritual child will take the Bible at its word and charge into the heaviest of battles trusting that the Lord will protect them. They do not know fear.
   A little child has faith. If a parent tells a child they will do something they believe that it will be done. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They have the faith to believe that what they are told will be. It is only as they get older and have listened to parents or others lying to them they start to doubt. But even then they will try to believe the best of the people. They have faith until it is taken from them.
   A little child bears no grudges. They forgive. They do not hold something against you for months after it happens. Look how many so called mature Christians will carry a grudge around for years over something that may have been taken the wrong way in the beginning. They know how to forgive.
   A little child heals fast. Their bodies heal faster than an adult they are more eager to get back in the fun they are having, so their positive thoughts cause their bodies to heal faster so they can get back into the thrills of life.
   A child is determined. Once a small child has made up its mind that it is going to do something it keeps on no matter how hard that it is. It does not give up. Once again the sense of defeat comes from the older Christian who teaches them why are you wasting your time on those who don't really matter. A child won't give up unless it is told repeatedly you can do it and once they lose that determination then they have learned the sense of defeat.
   A child learns from their mistakes. If some thing doesn't work the first time they try another way. They learn that what they tried at first didn't work. They learn by what they have done wrong. They don't often repeat mistakes over and over and over. They are willing to say that didn't work, but I'll bet this will.
   A child can be corrected. If a child is disobedient they are corrected and taught the right way. Once a person reaches a certain age they can no longer be corrected. They rebel if you attempt to correct them. A child learns through being corrected he has done something that he shouldn't and not do it again.
   A child accepts love. They will love anyone who will love them. They aren't picky. A person doesn't have to look a certain way to be loved by a child. A child will love anyone who will take the time to care about them and the feelings they have.
   A child is helpful. A child will go out of their way if they think they can do some thing that would help. Sure they may not get the dishes clean but hey they offered to help you. If you tell a three yr old no mommy don't want your help then they learn well mommy don't need me to help her so I won't. Then when they are 10 you think why can't I get them to do the dishes without me fussing. Think back and see who taught them that it wasn't necessary to help. They may not do the best job of it but they are making an effort. A young Christian will go out of their way to be helpful till they have heard Suzy Spiritual who has been saved for 30 some yrs say you don't need to do that don't waste your time. A child will be helpful as long as they are encouraged to do so.
   A small child is thankful. They accept the smallest things you do for them as easily as the largest. Again it is a learned behavior for someone to be ungrateful for something that has been done for them. By nature a child is thankful for all things done for it.
   Looking at this list of qualities of a child. Is it any wonder that Jesus said we must be as little children? Aren't we as Christians supposed to be helpful, loving, easily taught, thankful, correctable, faithful, eager to learn, determined, easily healed, and forgiving? All the things a small child is. All the characteristics of a Christian.
   How do your characteristics add up? Are you as humble as a little child or are you Suzy Spiritual who knows "how a Christian is supposed to be and honey you ain't it". Think about the things that makes a child so wonderful and strive to be that kind of Christian.
   Have a blessed day.

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