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   I know they works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot, So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth. Revelations 3:15-16
   How many times have you picked up a lukewarm drink and spit it out? I know from my own experience I cannot stand a warm Mountain Dew. For those of you who know me, you know I drink a lot of Mountain Dew. But I absolutely can't stand one that has gotten warm. If I have left one sitting and come back a few hours later and pick it up and try to drink it I find it terrible. Or I'll pick up an old one sitting beside a fresh one by accident. I don't want the stale warm thing, I want the fresh cold one. Or a cup of hot chocolate, it must be hot before it is drinkable. I don't like lukewarm chocolate. The point is even as we don't like lukewarm neither does God. We may be able to stand it if that's all there is but we don't like it and if given the opportunity we will spew it out. I know often as not if I drink something that is unpleasant then I spit it out.
   It is the same with God's church. He doesn't want a church that is sitting around in a lukewarm condition. He would rather a church be hot and on fire or cold and dead. If a church is on fire , then there will be miracles and souls being saved and a church that is truly being a light. On the other hand, those that are cold aren't making any pretense of serving him. They know that they aren't interested in God and could care less what people think of them.
   Then we have the lukewarm. These includes all those people who go to church to be seen, all those who go because it is a habit, those who go for the social gatherings, and those who go just to say Hey I am a Christian. They aren't truly interested in what God wants, they are there to please man. They go to church on Sunday, they pay their tithes they may even serve as deacon or Sunday school teacher, but they have no fire inside. They are in a comfortable state, they have all the material things they need so they aren't relying on God for anything. They are self satisfied, so they feel they have need of nothing. They so often are so caught up in the things they have they can't or won't admit they aren't happy. Everyone tells them, "oh how God has blessed you" and so it wouldn't be Christian of them to admit they aren't happy. So what happens? They put on a face when they go to church and pretend to be what everyone else sees.
   Here it tells us in Revelations that God hates this kind of church. And by church it also means individuals. Its not the uptown Baptist church or the downtown mission or the midtown Christian church. It is anyone that is in this self satisfied condition. He wants a church that is on fire. When there is a fire you can see its light. A fire casts off light when it is burning. Are you putting off a light others can see? Is there fire in your heart for the Lord or have you let your fire go out or maybe its died down to embers and needs a good shaking up. Whichever is the case get back on fire for the Lord. Maybe it will just take a good Holy Ghost wind to stir it up, or maybe it will take going back to the altar and confessing you've let your fire go out and getting it rekindled. Either way ask God to stir you and set the fire back inside of you.
Have a blessed day.

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