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Praising God Through it All

   Beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you; But rejoice inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that when his glory shall be revealed you may be glad also with exceeding joy. 1 Peter 4:12-13
   Dear friends why do we complain? How many times have we given up and complained and fussed and whined because we were having a rough time? We complain because of all the trouble we are having, our kids don't mind, our bills aren't getting paid, our husband was laid off, our car is breaking down , our family is getting sick, etc. These are all trials we go through. Our faith is tested by how we handle them. Do we doubt God loves us? Do we doubt that our Lord will supply our needs? How do we react?
   Each person reacts to a situation differently. Some may complain and fuss, while another may take it as a chance to dig deeper in the Word. The Word tells us to rejoice. You may ask how can I rejoice when all is going wrong? Well we are servants of the most high God. Paul and Silas rejoiced after being put in prison. Could you? Is your walk close enough to God so that if you were arrested for being a Christian could you praise God for putting you there? Or would you immediately get angry and start demanding that he get you out of there? Or for that matter, is your Christian walk close enough so that you would not deny Jesus even as Peter did?
   Are the trials we go through anywhere close to what they go through in foreign lands? or what they went through in the Bible days? Is your walk with God close enough so that you could go to prison without complaining even cheerfully enough so that you could sing praises to God?
   What kind of trials are you going through that even come close to what they suffered in the days of the apostles? Or the kind of trials they suffer today in countries other than America? Are you a lukewarm Christian, one who isn't living as close as they should be? Do you sweat the little stuff? Do you get upset when your car breaks down? Have you ever wondered why the trials come your way?
   Trials come to help us grow. We learn from the mistakes we make. Just as you learn about being a parent by being a parent, you learn about being a Christian by being a Christian. If our path was all easy how could we learn to avoid Satan's snares? Can you ever develop any muscles by walkng only on level ground and never climbing any hills? If the path is always smooth will you ever learn to walk if the ground is a little rough?
It is the same with your Christian walk. If you don't learn how to walk on the gravel how can you ever hope to be able to overcome the boulders in the path? How can you help someone else if you have never overcome the temptation yourself? Can you teach someone how to praise God in all things when you refuse to? What kind of light are you being? Are you allowing the snares and troubles that Satan throws to bring you down?
   Remember we are not to rejoice in just the good things but all things. Sometimes its hard to praise God for your battery going dead on your car and you have to put out $40 for a new one, but we are supposed to praise him in all things. Thank him for the car trouble, at least you have a car even though it may not run the greatest, thank him for the attitudes your kids have, at least you still have them with you, thank him for the illness, it may allow you to reach someone with your testimony of what God can do. Thank him for the illness of a family member, it may give you the opportunity to see a miracle, whatever the situation, praise ye the Lord. For remember, the Lord inhabits the praise of his people and he will be there.

Have a blessed day.

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