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Running from God

Have you ever run from God? Tried to get away from what he wanted you to do? Felt like you weren't capable of doing what he led you to do? You're not alone. This is a very common problem among anyone who God has chosen.
Many of the leaders that God chose were people that had been ignored or seemed to be the unlikely ones for leadership. They had their weaknesses and faults but God still used them. God chose then and used them even though they were unwilling or seemed unable to do the work God had set forth for them.
Perhaps the most well known or most often thought of leader that fit this category was Moses. When God told him to go talk to Pharaoh he made every excuse in the book including the fact that he stuttered. But God gave him his brother to speak for him. Moses clearly didn't want to do what God had called him to do. He tried to get out of it. Yet when all was said and done, Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt and to the promised land.
The world today is much like Egypt was to the Israelites. It is a place of bondage. People have all they want and need yet they are slaves. They are slaves to their jobs, their lifestyle. How is this any different than the Israelites being enslaved to Pharaoh? As long as things were good the Israelites didn't complain too much. That's the way the world is today. As long as they have the money they need, the car they want, the fancy house to live in they won't complain. What about when that all crashes around them? Where will they turn? They will start crying out and looking for a Moses to show them the way out. They are filled with every possible thing they could want yet they have no peace, even now. What will it be then? Will you be ready to be a Moses? Will you be ready to show them the way when they come searching for truth and peace and unconditional love?
Or will you be like Moses and argue with God that you can't do it? God doesn't go out and just say ok you do this. No God has chosen you. Even as the prophet Jeremiah was chosen in the womb so he has chosen you. The end times are upon us. We can see the signs. Woe unto those who haven't made themselves ready. The people will need someone who isn't afraid to speak God's whole truth to tell them and show them where to turn to.
Don't be ashamed. We are all weak, we get our strength from God. Trust that God knew what he was doing when he called you into his work. The fields are ripe to harvest. There is much work to be done. Lean not unto your own understanding but Trust in the Lord.

Have a glorious day.

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