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   Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt have lost its savour, wherewith shall it be salted...Matthew 5:13
   Salt is good but if the salt have lost his saltness where with will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves and have peace one with another. Mark 9:50
   Salt is good but if the salt have lost his savour wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land nor yet for the dunghill but men cast it out. Luke 14:34-35

   How many uses are there for salt? Salt is a seasoning, we use the salt to flavor our food. The salt itself is a vessel for the flavoring. We know this for why else would it be said to throw it out if it has no savour? Is there any one of you who has left a box of salt open by accident for a while? it draws dampness and lumps and is no good for seasoning. It loses its flavor and as a seasoning is useless.
   Salt is a purifier. How many times have you been told to soak something in salt water? Salt on an open wound hurts. It burns yet that will clean out the wound. It purifies it.
Salt is a preservative. Anytime that you are canning vegetables, you add salt. If you are drying something, you salt it. Salt is a preserver. It will keep whatever it is on or in. Salt resists decay.
   Salt is a slug repellant and destroyer. If you put salt in your garden or where slugs are normally seen, it will destroy them. Salt destroys the slugs that may damage your garden thereby letting your seed and plants grow.
   Salt will melt ice. If you take salt and pour it on an icy sidewalk, it won't be long before the ice is gone and your footing is sure again.
   Salt is medicinal. How many times have you been told to gargle with salt water for a sore throat or soak a sprain in salt water.
   Jesus said ye are the salt of the earth. Are you good salt or salt that has lost its savour? If we are the salt then our spirits must be willing and able to hold the savour that the Lord puts in. How else can we flavor the world around us? If salt touches anything else it lends his flavor to it. As we go along in our daily walk we lend our flavor to those around us. We influence those around us whether it be good or bad. We are judged by the way we are just as salt is judged by the way it lends its flavor. If it is good strong salt, it only takes a little to flavor something. If it is salt that has been sitting without being closed up to the things of the world, then it takes more of it and after while once it has been opened to the things of the world for too long it is useless. It is no different than whatever you are attempting to season.
   As salt we must also purify. Pure salt has flavor, just as pure Christians have a lot of the Lord. Pure salt will burn a wound and a pure Christian who runs upon an open wound will grate upon that wound and try to purge it of its infection or bad things. Sometimes we get a little over zealous and pour on a lot of salt when it only takes a little.
   As a preservative the quality that does this is the savour also. Or in the case of a Christian the Lord. He will keep us and preserve us and help us to preserve the things that need preserved. Salt resists the decay. We through the Lord are to resist the decay that is going on around us, for if we have good salt then we wil not decay.
   If we put salt around where we find the slugs of the devil we can destroy them. Have you ever poured salt directly on a slug? It will kill them. It destroys them the same as the word of the Lord gives us victory over the devil and all his snares if we will use it. Salt can sit on the shelf all day but if you don't pour it on the slug or where the slug will get it on his body the slug won't die. If you dump it out in a heap the slug will avoid the salt, however if it is sprinkled about then the slug will not sense it and crawl right through and it will destroy it.
As the salt melts ice so does the Lord melt the ice in our heart. Before we get saved we have a cold indifferent heart, then the Lord moves and pours out his spirit on us and the ice melts. Maybe you don't realize its the Lord working but the salt that is in you can melt the ice of some other cold frozen up heart.
   The medical value of salt can be seen through the healing it does on aches and pains just as the Lord will heal all the aches and pains in your life.
   Salt is also in Arabic countries a sign of an agreement just as God has a covenant with man.
   Salt has many functions just as we Christians do. We can't allow our salt to sit around open to the world and lose its savour. We must keep it closed to the world unless we are using it for something. Be always on the alert for the devil to try to open your container of salt and leave it open. Let God be your guide on when to use some of your salt for him.

Have a blessed day.

copywrited 1998 by Higher Faith Ministries. All rights reserved.

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