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Snow and Salvation

As I look out at the snow which is once again covering the ground, I think how white and pretty it looks yet underneath it I know there is nothing but mud. The past week has brought us a lot of rain and the ground is just saturated with water. It has caused streams to overflow their banks and mud everywhere around us..

Last night the wind started blowing really strongly as the weather changed and this morning I awoke to several inches of snow on the ground. Digging down however the ground is not frozen solid like it was about 2 weeks ago, there is a lot of mud still there, it has just been covered up. As long as the snow is not disturbed, it is pure and white and is only soiled by the things that are dropped on it from above such as the bird droppings or the things that are dug up from underneath such as the mud.

Have you ever considered this is like our salvation? We are like the mud, we are full of sin and dirty. Jesus covers our sin making us white as snow in the eyes of God and the sins are no longer seen just as the mud is no longer seen under the snow. We can choose to dwell on the beauty of the snow or we can choose to dwell on the mud that is underneath. Too many times people choose to dwell on their past sins (the mud) instead of the beautiful thing called salvation which God has given them (the snow). Others also will take every opportunity to dig around and bring that mud up (just like a dog will) but we have to stay strong and not let it bring us to the point where we no longer feel the cleanness that the Lord has given us.

Of course the snow doesn't stay perfect just like we aren't perfect. Little spots of bird droppings appear in the snow or garbage thrown out by people can spoil it's beauty. This is like the temptations we give in to on a daily basis. Those little "white lies" to make someone feel better, taking the pencils home from the office because "they'll never miss them", keeping the extra change from the cashier at the restaurant when she made a mistake, the grudge we hold when someone does something bad to us, etc, these are all like the bird droppings on the snow. They put little spots in our salvation and it is up to us to keep in constant contact with our Lord and Savior to be able to keep our salvation pure. Just as we cannot make the snow that stays on the ground, we cannot make ourselves clean. Only the Lord can do that.

We are not perfect. We cannot earn salvation by good works the same way we cannot control when the snow falls. What we can do is strive to do our best to keep ourselves spotless for the Lord by staying in constant communication with him and letting him guide us in everything we do. By having a close enough relationship with him, we will be able to overcome the things that tempt us to spoil our salvation and he will help us to keep ourselves as clean as new fallen snow.

God bless


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