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Taking Time

   Often as we go through our daily routine we forget to take the time just to stop and thank God for what he has done for us that day. When was the last time that you stopped and took the time to admire the beauty of a sunset? Or arose early enough to behold the beauty of a sunrise? How long has it been since you stopped and sat on your porch and admired the beauty in a thunderstorm? to watch the lightning race across the sky? to see the trees being blown by the wind? When was the last time that you sat and watched the snowfall come down outside your window and think how beautiful it was?
   To awake to an early morning and look out on the ground covered with fresh snow, to listen to the snowbirds singing, and the sound of the snow dropping off the branches can remind us that there is a God. But God is still with us even when the mornings aren't perfect. When the snow arrives and it is so peaceful and calm outside, do you think about how beautiful it is or do you think, "oh great now I have to try to get to work in this". God is with us at all times if we remember him. He doesn't just wait to be with us when the beauty is surrounding us but God is with us through all the rough times too. He is with us when the storms rage and the sky is dark. He is with us when our life is falling apart, we often just fail to acknowledge his presence other than to blame him for our life coming apart at the seams.
   The Bible tells us that he will never leave us nor forsake us. However there is no guarantee that we won't leave him. We all desire a closer walk with God but so many times we aren't willing to put forth the effort that is needed to give him the praise for what he deserves. The word tells us that he inhabits the praise of his people. When was the last time you gave him a sacrifice of praise? Its not easy to praise the Lord when the bad times are coming but if we do we know that the bad times won't last for long. If we praise God for the trials that we go through, our faith will become stronger and Satan will lose his hold. Satan wants no part in someone who will praise God no matter what happens. If we praise God why would Satan want to stay around? He isn't breaking our spirit, he isn't doing anything against us, so why would Satan want to come around?
   Brothers and sisters take the time to thank God for all he does for you. Take the time to thank him for the battle you are going through thank him for allowing the battle to come your way, for because of that it will make you a better Christian. Thank God for allowing you to wake up every morning and thank him for allowing you to see all the beauty of this world that he has created for you.

God Bless you all.

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