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A Time of Rest

Every so often there comes a time when you get so tired and so exhausted you have to rest. You have pushed yourself and pushed yourself until you feel that there is no more of yourself to give. Sometimes we are wise enough to recognize this when it happens and we stop and take a season of rest. Other times it is forced upon us through circumstances.

Many times we go till we say, "Lord I can't take any more when are you going to do something?" and if we listen we hear him say, "When are you going to ask me to and when are you going to let me?"

So many times we get caught up in what we are doing, we forget who the praise belongs to. We say Look at the mission work our church has done, or we were able to feed 500 families last month through the food pantry. Our witnessing program is doing so well, we had 300 come to know the Lord just in the past month. But who caused all those things to happen? We didn't do it in ourselves, God allowed it through his mercy and grace.

When we do those things and get caught up in them we keep pushing ourselves and pushing ourselves to do a little more and pride enters in before we have realized it. How? Because we are tired. We have been working so hard and not resting, our spiritual warfare has suffered. When you are tired you cannot fight as effectively. Your defenses go down and Satan finds the niches to work his way in.

In Mark 6:31 we find where Jesus commanded his disciples to come apart and rest because of the many comings and goings. We should use this as an example that there comes a time we must rest also. Our physical bodies get tired and we need to take the time to let them rest. Jesus also said to come unto him and he would give you rest. (Matthew 11:28) He will bear your burdens for you so that you may rest and be ready to go back into battle at the appointed time.

Rest and let the love of Jesus carry you through the times when you're so exhausted. Allow him to fill you up and get you ready to go back into the heat of battle.

Have a blessed day.

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