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And it came to pass when the Philistine arose and came and drew nigh to meet David that David hasted and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. 1 Samuel 17:48
  Now today I want to ask you have you ever thought about what a picture that must have been. Take a moment and imagine. Here on two opposite sides are the armies. We know they were fighting in a valley so possibly they were encamped on the hillsides overlooking the valley. We know there was a brook running through this valley for David took his stones from the brook. Now here old Goliath had been coming out taunting them day after day. Maybe he was on one hillside yelling to the other. When David had heard this giant come out he became upset. Who is this man that he should dare defy the army of God?
  David wasn't afraid. David knew that God had all power, that is why he wasn't afraid. David ran eagerly into the battle. He knew the enemy was big. He knew the enemy was powerful but he also knew that God was on his side.
  Are you a David today? Are you eagerly looking forward to a battle with Satan? Or are you as the soldiers who cowered in fear? Do you truly want to be a soldier in God's army?
Don't let Satan keep you cowering down. If you are filled with the Holy Ghost and fire then you have the power to make the devils tremble.
  When Jesus ascended he told the people there But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you...(Acts1:8)This was promise of the power that they were to receive. This Holy Ghost would give them power over anything that the devil could throw at them. The devil is defeated and has been once and for all. He knows what his destiny is.
  When he comes out taunting you like old Goliath did just remind him that he was defeated when Jesus arose once and for all and he's going to the lake of fire. Be a brave soldier. Gird your armor up, sharpen your sword, (which is the word of God) and run toward the battle. Be as David not afraid to go out to fight the enemy. Don't let Satan have the victory by keeping you depressed and down. If Satan can keep you down then that is one less warrior that is on the battlefield. Remember the joy of the Lord is our strength. Don't let him take that from you. If he takes that then he has weakened you and it will be easier for him to slip in.
Be strong and be courageous and keep Satan at bay.

Have a blessed day.


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