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A Higher Faith

What is higher faith? Have you ever thought about it? The word tells us that to every man is dealt a measure of faith but what is a higher faith? A higher faith is not being content with the small bit, but wanting it all. When the three Hebrew children were cast into the fiery furnace they didn't worry about what would happen, they had a higher faith. They knew God could deliver them if he would. Do you suppose that when they were threw in that fire they were crying and begging for their life? I don't think so. That would not have been standing for God. They were not worried, they had faith that God could deliver them.
Or when Daniel was thrown to the lions did he worry that he would be eaten? Did he try to go hide in a corner and hope they didn't bother him? I don't think so. In the wild, if an animal smells fear coming from you they are much more likely to attack. This is true for even a dog. Go up to a big attack dog. If he smells fear coming from you, he will be much more likely to attack you than if you go up to him and are not afraid. The same with these lions. God shut the lions mouths.
   What lions do you face? What fires do you walk through? The fires of gossip? The giants of worry? The animals of harassment? The Lord has given us power over all things if we will only believe. Satan only has as much power as you give him and every time you give in to one of these things YOU are giving Satan power. Are you really wanting to let Satan have power over you a child of God? Or are you wanting to put Satan back in his place under your feet. We have the victory over anything that may come our way if we have the faith to accept it. That is the higher faith. Some have faith to believe God can heal, most of us have faith that God will or has saved us, we have faith to believe we will go to heaven when we die, but what about the higher faith? What about the higher faith that will move mountains? what about the faith that will speak life into a dead body, what about the faith that can claim miracles and see blind eyes open?
   We have to stop looking in the natural realm and look into the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is where these miracles occur. When we accept these miracles and stand on the promises, God will move. God has given his people authority but if you do not use that authority or claim that authority what good does it do? If I want something but never speak forth that it is mine then I am not truly believing it will happen. If I truly believed it would happen then I would not be scared to step forth and claim it.
   For example, you may know about the building the Lord promised us for our work, if I had never spoke this out and told others about this then I would not be showing any belief that it would truly happen. When he first promised us this I thought to myself what if I tell everyone and then someone else bought it? Then I realized if I speak like this then I am not truly believing it will be mine. I allowed doubt to enter into it. When I realized what Satan was doing, I rebuked him for it and started speaking it out more. It was easy to tell friends, they wouldn't laugh at you if you were wrong but to step forward and actually claim it to strangers, that took some doing. Satan will use pride to keep you from exercising faith, he will make you think thoughts like what if people make fun of me or what if I'm wrong. That's when it is up to you to exercise that higher faith and rebuke Satan remind him that he is wrong and he has to listen to you. That's in the word. Use your faith against Satan. God give to us all a measure of faith, its how you use that measure that will count in the end.
Have a blessed day.

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