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What is Faith???

   Faith. A small word with such big influence. What is faith? We all know the standard, faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen, but what is faith? Faith is believing that something is, even though you have no proof whatsoever that it is.
   Abraham spoke the things as if it were. He believed God for a child in his old age. We all stumble, even Abraham the father of the faith, He stumbled, he listened to his wife when she said we are too old, here take my handmaiden that she may give me a child. He fathered Ishmael yet the child of the inheritance was yet to come. He stumbled but he never gave up.
   Think about what a miracle God brought about for Abraham and Sarah to have conceived in their old age. Their bodies had to be restored to youthfulness. A normal 90 yr old woman is not going to be a very desirable thing to look at for the act of creating a child nor is a 99 yr old man. And what about the energy it takes just to carry a child? And to birth a child? And then after the child is born to nurse it and take care of it. How many 90+ yr old women do you know who could chase a toddler day in, day out ? That requires stamina and is hard even on a young woman so God had to restore youthfulness and stamina as well as desire for each other. What faith it took on Abrahams part to believe God would do this.
   To have the faith of Abraham we must believe and not doubt. Believe as if its already happened. It is easy to believe when the going is easy and things are well but when you have claimed something and you know it is yours how easy is it to allow the doubts to slip in when someone else looks at it?
   When the children of Israel were preparing to go into the land of Canaan, they sent the spies in. Ten of the spies came back with a negative report. There is no way we can take that land those people are too big those people are too mighty for us. They spoke negative faith, They didn't believe it could be done. Joshua and Caleb however brought back a good report. The land is good and we can take the land. Their faith was positive. When you have 2 people speaking good and 10 people speaking bad where are the majority going to follow? what are the majority going to believe? The ten speaking bad. Is it no wonder that the Lord turned the Israelites back to wander in the desert? He had to bring up a new generation that believed they could overtake the land.
   For without the faith to believe you can have something or do something then it is impossible to accomplish that goal. You have to speak it as though it already is. The power is in the spoken word. That is putting your faith into action. The Lord spoke and the world was created. He spoke it into existence. Jesus was the word made flesh, yet when he healed someone he still spoke it. When the centurion came to Jesus to have his servant healed he said if you will speak the word my servant will be healed. He believed in the spoken word. If you are claiming something speak it out, let your faith make a statement for the Lord. With God all things are possible to them that believe.

Have a blessed day.

copywrited 1998 by Higher Faith Ministries. All rights reserved.

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