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What is the Holy Ghost?

   And when he is come he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment; John 16:8

   Who is he that Jesus was talking about? It is the Holy Ghost. This is the comforter that he was going to send back when he returned to the Father. This comforter was to be our guide. It was to reprove us if we sinned, to keep us righteous and holy and to judge the ones who were not living as they should have been (the hypocrites). Every one of us has at some time said or did something that we shouldn't have after we had gotten saved. That sinking feeling we have afterwards is nothing but the Holy Ghost convicting us and reproving us for doing wrong. By him dwelling in us, he immediately lets us know if we have said something or did something that we shouldn't have.
   He also lets us know when we should be doing something that we haven't. If we get a very strong feeling that we should be doing something that is not a sin that could help someone and we don't we are denying the leading of the spirit. He will lead us and guide us in the pathways to take if we will only listen.
   When we receive the Holy Ghost we also receive one or more of the gifts of the spirit. He will allow all of us to be able to tell who is sincere in worshipping God and who is only playing as the Pharisees did. The problem here arises when we tend to listen to the flesh more than the spirit. We may say to ourselves ,"Brother S is such a good tithe payer and he always gives generously to the church, if we preach on looking at beautiful women then he may get mad and quit coming here and then what will do? We know he loves watching those beautiful girls walk by so we won't say anything bout that. After all the Bible says judge not.". You know that he is doing wrong, the spirit has led you to speak to him about it and yet what do you do? You deny the pulling of the spirit to talk to him and listen to Satan twisting the word of God. And I ask you today who will be held accountable?
   The Holy Ghost is more than just speaking in tongues. The Holy Ghost is what will keep you through the rough times. In the book of Matthew, the 25th chapter we find the parable of the 10 virgins. Now we know that throughout the Bible the church is represented as the Bride of Christ. Here we find that there are 10 virgins. A virgin is pure. So all these were pure. They were all clean. They had all taken the lamp (salvation) and went forth to wait for the bridegroom. Five took oil (the wise virgins) and five didn't (the foolish virgins). Now throughout the Bible we also find that the oil is representative of the Holy Ghost. We know that all the virgins had a little oil in their lamps because we find that the foolish ones asked the wise ones for oil for their lamps had gone out. For them to have gone out they must have been lit in the first place. They all slumbered and slept, not just the foolish ones. Yet when they heard the cry behold the bridegroom cometh they all arose and the ones that the lamps were still burning had the oil to have kept it.
   We all are guilty of slumbering and not doing what we should have for God but when the time came to meet the bridegroom the wise ones still had their lamps burning. They all had to trim the lamps but they were still burning.
   Have you gotten the oil? Are you filled with the Holy Ghost? Not just the little bit that you got when you got saved but have you went to get the oil that will keep your lamp burning throughout the night? Is your lamp filled to the brim with the Holy Ghost and overflowing? If not I urge you today to go and seek it. It is a gift freely given to those who ask for it. Jesus told his disciples to tarry at Jerusalem till they be endued with power from on high. Do you want this power? Then ask him. If you don't fully understand what the Holy Ghost is about email me I'll be happy to help you to understand.

Have a blessed day.

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