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What is Repentance?

Repentance what does it really mean? What does it mean to repent? Oh we have heard all our lives to repent and ask Jesus in our hearts but it is more than just asking Jesus to forgive our sins. Repent means to turn away. So if we are repenting then we need to turn away from our sins.

Repentance is more than asking for forgiveness. that is the first step. We have to know that we are sinners and ask for forgiveness from that but we also have to be willing to not do those sins anymore, Many times I have saw people come to the altar and ask Jesus into their hearts only to have no real desire to change. They don't want to give up the way they are living. They want to continue living the way they always have but they don't want to go to hell. that isn't truly repenting.

If you truly have a desire to change and repent from your sins then there will be a noticeable change. If you are a druggie and you want to get out of that life and truly mean it with your heart (for God looks upon the heart) then you will see a noticeable change in your life. If someone comes to the altar and there is no change whatsoever in their attitude, their look, the way they talk or whatever, then they haven't truly repented with their heart.

Anyone can repeat a bunch of words, anyone can repeat a prayer that you tell them to, even the demons acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, but to truly repent, there has to be a desire to change and it must come from the heart not out of fear.

I hope this has made it clear what repentance really is and for those who may still have questions, feel free to email us.

Have a blessed day.

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