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Back in the 1970's Aretha Franklin recorded RESPECT, a song asking for a little respect and it became a very big hit. Everyone wants respect yet here she comes out in a song asking for it.

What is respect? Giving consideration to other peoples feelings, holding them in high esteem. To honor someone.

This is what we should give to those in authority, our friends, our family, our spouse. Far too often this is not the case. Our spouse is often the one we give the least respect to. "Oh we've been married 25 years, he/she knows how I am" is a comment often heard. Maybe not those exact words but things similar are said or acted out. Things we would never dream of saying to a boss, pastor or God we don't think twice before saying to a spouse or child.

Yes families should be respectful to one another. Often it is preached "Children honor thy father and thy mother", "Obey your parents in all things as is fitting unto the Lord", "Wives submit yourselves unto your husbands" and so forth but we often don't hear the parts "provoke not your children to anger" or "husbands love your wives and be not bitter against them". Of course this works both ways. A wife is not going to be willing to submit to her husband if she feels he doesn't love her. If he beats or her or constantly puts her down why would she want to respect him? Nor is a husband going to want to love his wife if all he hears is how worthless he his and how he is always wrong. Children will not want to obey their parents if they are constantly criticized. If you want respect from your children you must show them respect.

You see, respect isn't just freely given. It is earned. Remember the old "golden rule" of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? That is the basis of respect. Do you want your children punching, kicking and hitting you? Teach them it isn't acceptable behavior by not letting them see you deal with problems that way. Do you want your spouse to yell at you? Then don't yell at him/her. Do you like getting punched on? Then don't punch someone else. Its really a pretty simple concept if you only take the time to realize how you are portraying yourself.

I've heard all my life "Wives submit yourself to your husbands". Yes it is in the Bible but that doesn't mean let yourself get beat to death. What people leave out of that little verse is "as unto the Lord". Do what God would have you to do. Don't let Satan get victory over you by telling you that you're not a Christian if you don't take those beatings. A true Christian man is not going to be beating his wife and remember we as children of God have authority over Satan and his minions. We just may have to put that authority to work. The key is being in contact with God in your own individual situation to know what to do because as we all know, God doesn't always do the same thing the same way every time.

Remember, respect is a two way street. To get it, you have to give it and it all starts with showing a little Christian love to those in our lives.

God bless.

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