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Slain in the Spirit

   Slain in the Spirit. Now there's a phrase that confuses a lot of people. God recently gave me an illustration concerning this and I would like to share it. First off lets determine what the Holy Spirit does. When we are first saved, we are given the Holy Spirit to keep us and to comfort us. Depending on how much you dedicate yourself to God at that time determines how much you are filled with. If you get saved because you don't want to go to hell, and you serve Jesus to keep from it, then you will only get enough of the Spirit to keep you saved and comfort you. If you get saved because Jesus suffered and died for you and you want to do what you can to make it up to him and serve him because you love him, then you will get more of the Spirit. You will feel more of God's joy, his peace, and will know more of what God wants you to do for him. If you get saved because of what Jesus did for you and want to serve him with all your heart ,mind, and soul, and are determined to give up everything that God doesn't want you doing, and you are willing to do whatever God tells you to do, whatever the cost, then you can be filled with the Holy Ghost when you get saved.
   Most Pentecostals will say that this is not true, they say you have to seek for the Holy Ghost for weeks , months, or even years before God will give it to you. Well wake up and smell the brimstone, this is a lie straight from the Satan to hinder the church. The reason it takes some so long to get it is because there are things that are keeping them from being filled. It doesn't matter how much we beg God, until we reach the point of having enough faith to accept it ( Galatians 3:1-14) we will not be filled with the Holy Ghost. When we are ready then all we have to do is ask and receive. (Luke 11:13). If you are totally committed when you get saved then you can also receive the filling of the Holy Ghost at that time. (Acts 10:44-45) I know first hand it can happen. Once filled, you will have greater love, peace, joy, contentment than most people ever feel. Along with this you will receive one or more gifts of the Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12. Also the more of the Holy Spirit we have dwelling with our spirit the more personal our relationship with Jesus will be (not just our Lord, but our best friend also).
   Why do people get slain in the Spirit you might ask. You have heard about it, maybe seen it, or even experienced it but you don't really understand it. Well this is how God told me to explain it.
   When a person is slain, he gets a big dose of the spirit and it is such a shock to their body that they black out and hit the floor. Get a tall cup, put a little water in the bottom and set it in the sink. Now take another cup of the same size and fill it with water. The water in the first cup represents the Holy Spirit that dwells within you, the second is the blessing of the Holy Spirit you are going to receive. Now take the water that is in the second cup and quickly dump it all at once into the first cup. Almost every time the cup will fall over because it was such a change so quickly. Now fill the cup half full that is in the sink and dump the water from the other cup in it. A lot of times it may still fall but sometimes it won't. Now completely fill the cup that is in the sink and completely dump the other into it. Most of the time the cup will only shake and not fall. From this we can conclude that the more of the the Holy Spirit we have in us, the less shock a blessing of the Spirit would be to our bodies so the less likely we are to be to be slain in the Spirit. This would explain why most of the time you will not see a preacher get slain. Sometimes God will give a double portion blessing that will knock anybody down, however someone who is filled with the Spirit will not get slain as often as a Christian who has not been filled. If someone who is supposed to be filled with the Spirit gets slain every service even if no one else does, then they are not truly filled like they thought or they are faking it.
   Some may ask why the Spirit and the gifts thereof are manifest in some churches and not others. Many churches teach that God can't perform the miracles that he did back in the Bible days. They must also believe that Jesus lied in John 14:12 when he said, "Verily verily I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father."
   God will not force us to take anything he wants us to have i.e. salvation. I would encourage everyone who reads this to ask God to open your eyes and minds to a deeper understanding of the things he has prepared for you and be willing to accept whatever they might be.

Apostle Charlie Hale

copywrited 1998 by Higher Faith Ministries. All rights reserved.

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