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Watching Out for the Babies

So many times a person is led to the Lord and is told that once you get saved everything will be all right. They are told that now they have someone to watch over them and help them through the hard times but that there is nothing better than serving the Lord.
So what happens when Satan starts attacking this young Christian and the person who led them to the Lord isn't there? They didn't know that Satan would attack them because the person who witnessed to them was trying to "get their number" on a witnessing night.
Many times this young baby will fall right back into the ways of the world. They think it wasn't' this hard when they were not a Christian and why should they want to go through the rough times.
Being a Christian isn't a walk in the park. It isn't a bed of Roses.
Sure there are many roses in the garden but there are a lot more thorns on the rose bushes than there are flowers. You see, if you want to experience the beauty of the roses you have to learn to avoid the thorns. You have to learn to deal with the bad things in order to have the good. And how do we learn that? By experience.
No matter how many times you tell a child to watch out for things, until they experience it themselves often they will not heed your advice. But you have to be there to help bandage up the wounds from the thorns, assure them it will heal and next time they will know how to avoid that particular thorn. As a mature Christian this is your responsibility.
I ask you today. Are you being a good big sister or brother to those who are younger in the Lord than you and need a hand? Are you there to help pick them up and set them back on their feet? Look inside yourself and you will find the answer to these questions

Have a blessed day.

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