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Christmas Year Around

Now that the packages have been opened and the new presents all played with, we ask ourselves what have we gained from this Christmas season? Have we shared our wealth? Have we shared our joy? Do we understand the great gift that we received when Jesus came to earth any better? What difference have we made in lives?

Too many times we only think these thoughts at Christmas or during the holiday season. However as Christians these should be our thoughts every day. Every day we should ask ourselves, "Have we affected anyone else's life today in a positive way?" As a Christian we should have the spirit that is often seen at Christmas throughout the year. People aren't just hungry or lonely or needing items at Christmas. They are just as hungry in July. They still need clothes in March. They still want companionship in September. The question is do you have the desire the rest of the year?

In Galatians 6:2 we are told to bear one another's burdens. We are to feed the hungry and give drink to those who are thirsty. We are supposed to help even those who are our enemies. (Romans 12:20-21) This doesn't just say do it at Christmas. If we only do these acts of kindness during the holidays then how are we any different than the world and how can we be a light unto them? By bearing the fruits of the spirit we show the love of Christ throughout the year and can effectively make a difference in showing the light of Christ's love unto a sinful world.

Ask the Lord to give you the Christmas spirit throughout the year. Share and give and live peaceably throughout the year and you will begin to experience Christmas year around.

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