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   At the beginning of the new year we often find ourselves making new years resolutions, things that we are going to do in the next year. Perhaps begin a diet to lose weight, or maybe start an exercise program. Maybe we commit to spend more time with our family or perhaps to get involved in a new hobby, whatever it is we often think that the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start new things. We can start things out fresh, erase the past mistakes, start with a clean slate so to speak.
   I want you to also think in spiritual terms, has your prayer life been lacking? Maybe your time in the Word has slacked off. Maybe your day to day walk has become a little lax during the holiday season. Whatever it may be, we all lack in some things. We all let the flesh overtake us at times. That is why that Paul said we must crucify the flesh daily. Is there something that maybe needs to be dealt with in the spiritual side of your nature also? Something that maybe you need to resolve will be better next year? Maybe you didn't reach out as much as you should. Whatever it is, you don't have to wait till New Year's Day to start it. Or if you don't start it on New Year's Day you can start it any day.
   That is the beauty of a life in Christ. Every day is a new day in the Lord. Something that we lacked in we can correct when the Lord convicts us of it. We don't have to wait till the holiday season to help a needy family. We don't have to wait till Valentine's Day to tell someone that we love them. We don't have to wait till Independence Day to praise God that we live in a land where we are still free to worship God. We don't have to wait till Memorial Day to remember the loved ones that have gone on to be with the Lord. We as Christians celebrate all the year through or at least we should. We should live a Christian example everyday of the week not just on Sunday and Wednesday nights. We should be willing to stop and help out a neighbor that is down on their luck or maybe just needs a cheerful word of encouragement. When was the last time you stopped to give a ride to a weary soul walking down the road with a load of groceries? You may think what if I get mugged? Is not your God big enough to protect you? Do you serve a God who is too weak and too uncaring to watch out for one of his precious children? We are supposed to show God's love in ALL things not just the ones we choose to show it in.
   We are blessed to have a Saviour who is gracious enough to allow us to correct our mistakes. He gives us a new start every morning when we wake up. We don't have to wait for a holiday to make a change in our lives. We should be willing to serve him and be obedient in all things and not have to wait for a holiday to straighten up the Christian perspective that we all should have. If there are things you want to accomplish then it is good to set a date to accomplish it by or even a day to start it, but don't let New Year's Day become fixed as the only time that you can change things. God gives us that privilege every day.

Have a blessed day.

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