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Trusting God in Y2K


Are you worried about the Y2K problem? Have you stored up food and supplies to get you through the impending disasters? Do you foresee a world wide disaster looming? If you answer yes then may I ask you do you trust God?
Do you trust God to watch out for your best interest? Does not the word tell us that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose? As long as you are walking in his will then whatever happens has to work for good. That is a promise in his word. Are you doing what he has called you to do? then why are you worried about the electricity going out and not being able to get food? Why are you worried that your water supply may be tainted? is God not big enough to keep you from getting ill? Is God not big enough to protect your houses? Is God limited in what he can do toward supplying your needs?
How much do you trust God? Oh yes I know many of you may say but God gave us the common sense to store up things and to listen to those who are wiser than us and if they say we should be concerned then we should be concerned.  How can you be concerned about things like this and not be concerned about the possibility that if you died tonight you would end up in hell? Are you concerned about that at all? If you answered no I know I am a Christian and going to heaven then why are you concerned about computers crashing all over the world? Is that going to affect your souls salvation? is that going to affect your Christian walk with God? Is Y2K something that as Christians we are supposed to be so worried about that we lose all sense of reasoning? Is that the way God would have us be?
Ask God to show you what he would have you to do and then don't worry about it. Trust him to supply your needs and to watch over you. After all he is much more capable of doing it than we are.

Have a blessed day.

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