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First Step of Prayer

Have you ever thought about why a prayer you've prayed hasn't been answered? Have you ever questioned God about it? Today I would like to ask you to consider prayer. What is it? What is its purpose? How do you get answer?

Prayer is communing with God. It is asking and listening for an answer. When you pray do you pray specifically? or generally? Do you pray "God bless our pastor, touch our sister, bless our land"? These are good but what exactly are you asking for? When you pray "God bless our pastor" what exactly are you wanting God to do? Are you wanting for God to spiritually bless him, or give him finances or lift his emotions? What about "touch our sister"? What do you want God to do?

The number one mistake people make in praying is not being specific in what they ask for. If we ask for God to heal someone of cancer is that the same as asking God to remove the cancer from their body? What if God chose to heal them by taking them on to heaven? They wouldn't have the cancer anymore and he would have answered the prayer for God them to be healed of cancer.

If a child comes to you and tells you they are hungry, do you ask them what they want? Perhaps they want candy and you know that isn't good for them and it will ruin their dinner, so you give them something else that is better for them. Sometimes that child will accept it, other times they get mad because it isn't what they want. It is the same with God. If we go to God and ask him for something that he knows isn't good for us, he will give us something else that will help us to grow. We can get mad and refuse to accept it and do without and not grow or accept what is offered and trust it is what is the best for our growth.

If you are serious about prayer, get specific in what you are praying for. If you are praying for God to heal someone, be specific. If you are praying for finances, be specific. If you are praying for God to heal emotions, be specific. Whatsoever you pray for, be specific in your prayers. If is it something that is the best for us, then God will give it to us. But if he tells us no or gives us a different answer than what we expected, then we must be willing to accept it. That is a sign of maturing in your walk with God.


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