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 Second Stage of Prayer

After deciding what you are asking God for and being specific in asking for you, you have to make sure the scriptures promise you what you are asking for. If you have spent time in the word and know what the word says, you will know whether what you are asking for lines up with the word of God. If God has given you a promise in his word and you know this promise, you can claim that promise and stand on it that he will give it to you. By studying his word and dwelling in his word you can know what you have the right to receive as his child.
You also have to BELIEVE that you will receive it. Without faith you cannot receive what you asking for. Why ask if you aren't sure if you will receive it? We can't always go on what we can see in the physical realm but we have to walk by faith. If GOD has promised us something and we believe that it will come to pass, then why do we allow the natural man to allow doubt to come in? That is not operating on our requests by faith. Which leads us right into the next part of refusing to doubt.
Satan will do everything in his power to cause us to doubt. If he can succeed in making us doubt then that interferes with our prayers being answered. Doubt is one of the biggest weapons Satan uses against Christians and because we have not learned to overcome doubt. We have to start with the small things many times and work up, but as our faith grows our doubt weakens. Its hard to have faith when we have pain that we have asked God to remove and we can still feel it. That's when we have to keep resisting the devil and believing that God is going to make us pain free and the more we resist Satan and claim our pain free healing, the stronger we will be. Sometimes we have to just keep thanking God for the pain free feeling till it actually comes to pass.
We have to meditate on the promises. Not just know they are there but also to meditate on the fact that God gave them to us. Meditate on the promises that you are basing the answers to your prayers on. Keep them in your heart and dwell on them. And above all give God the praise for what he is doing. Thank him for his works, thank him for the answered prayers. Give him the glory for the mighty works that are coming about as a result of your prayers. You don't go out to a battle with the attitude of you're gonna lose the battle, you go out with an attitude of you're gonna win. Its the same way in Gods world. We have to have the attitude that we have already received our answers.
Please remember "If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you" (John 15:7)
Have a blessed day.

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