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10 Commandments for Pastor's Wives

1. Thou shalt never have a bad attitude
2. Thou must never become sick
3. Thou must maintain total control over all children (both yours and other peoples) at all times
4. Thou must be ready to meet all demands from thy husbands flock at all times
5. Thou must be a proper diplomat with all knowledge of everything going on in thy husband's church
6. Thou must be a gourmet chef ready to turn out any type of food for any function without any prior notice
7. Thou must be a talented musician able to fill in on any instrument in the church with no prior notice
8. Thou must be able to feed 15 people on a budget of $2 per meal
9. Thou must be able to substitute teach all age groups for Sunday School with no advance planning
10. Thou shalt never complain no matter the circumstances


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