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Feeding 15 on a Box of Tuna Helper

One of the things that pastors wives are required to do is often stretch the budget. Now there are times that we find it impossible and rely on a miracle from God. One such case happened to me several years ago. I was cooking supper one evening, Wasn't planning on a lot. Well I started a box of tuna helper except I was using chicken in it, and had opened a can of black-eyed peas. After starting this, the people started arriving.

Now we had 5 of us here at that time, my husband, myself and our 3 kids. This particular evening my friend and her 3 children showed up. Not 5 minutes later another friend and her 3 children showed up one who is a BIG eater. That brought our total people up to 11 and I'm thinking Lord this is gonna take a miracle from you to feed this many on what I have gotten prepared. Now you all know that a box of tuna helper at max is gonna feed 5-6 one serving each and how far is a 15 oz can of black eyed peas going to go? Well I just kept a stirring and kept a talking to God. Within just a couple a minutes we had some other friends show up. Turning into an impromptu party here. We ending up having 15 for dinner that evening.

Well we starting fixing plates of food for the kids. The more we fixed the more there was. Then the adults, still had plenty. We got down to about a third of the skillet left and were all out eating when the kids came back for seconds. I went to the kitchen and there was half a skillet of tuna helper left. So I fixed everybody seconds that wanted them. Came back to the kitchen the third time there was still half a skillet left. Now by this time we were all praising God (least those of us who were Christians were). There was enough food there for everyone including the Big Eater to have all we wanted and we still had leftovers!!!! Isn't God wonderful? I had asked him for a miracle to feed this many and he gave me enough for leftovers the next day.

There are other ways that God provides for his people besides the miracles. Sometimes its by giving us knowledge in how to use his money he entrusts us with. I myself use a lot of coupons. By this on an average week I only spend about $40-$50 on groceries for our family of 5 plus any extras kids that are around.

Also if you have a story of a time God has blessed you with a miracle of supplying your needs or you have some hints that you've found useful for saving money, I'd love to hear them. Just email them to me. Who knows they may get added to this page.

Have a wonderful day.


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