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My Mission

Eben E. Rexford

I was longing for a mission-
Fancy made it something grand-
Something that would win the praises
Of the world on every hand.
So I squandered time in waiting
For the chance that never came--
Quite forgot to think of others
In my longings after fame.
But one day I had a vision
Of the needy ones near by--
Of the hearts that starve with hunger
Till they faint, and fail, and die.
Starve for little deeds of kindness,
Or a word to hope and cheer,
And the smiles that cost so little,
But can make it heaven here.
Then it was I found my mission--
Knew what work God meant for me,
And I cried:" Forgive my blindness.
Now, at last, thank God, I see!"
And my heart, that has been selfish
In its longing to be great,
Saw great fields of labor waiting
For me just outside my gate.
So I seek to scatter sunshine
In a dark and cheerless place.
Loving words have given courage;
Smiles have cheered the tearful face.
In the joy of helping others
God's good time I waste no more
Since my life has found its mission
Waiting at the very door.