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The Garden

There was a beautiful land so vast and so bare.
So much room to cultivate there.
And little Sarah, started one day.
As she got on her knees to pray.

She was young and did not understand
She felt intimidated by the works of man.
The journey ahead for her would be so long.
Could she do it? She didn’t feel very strong.

But the Lord assured her, He’d carry her through.
Saying the Harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.
But I’m only one person she insisted in fear.
The Lord told her to go and to simply hold Him near.

So little Sarah planted a seed.
Wanting to check back, and continue to feed.
But the Lord assured her He’d take care of the rest.
Just seek me, and your life will be blessed.

So she went on through the field on that day.
The next seed was a seed to but pray.
She planted it, though it seemed too small.
How in that little deed could she answer God’s call.

She was told not to return, but to continue on.
Isn’t there more I can do, that seed isn’t strong.
The Lord insisted, I’ll take it from here.
Just go on and keep me so very near.

So on through the field, she continued to plant each seed.
Some felt good to plant, as she met many needs.
But so many of them were simply seeds put in the ground.
She couldn’t see the results, and wondered if they’d ever be found.

On through the years she continued to plant.
There were times of discouragement, where she would say "God I can’t."
But the Lord would lift and carry her awhile.
Until she was strong enough to go another mile.

Yes, many years passed, rains fell, and the work seemed to never end.
There were times when she felt alone without a friend.
But she continued on in the storm regardless of what came.
She continued to plant seeds in her master’s name.

Finally after sowing for all those years.
The Lord called all of the gardeners near.
She never looked back to see what had become
Of the land of where she planted seeds under the Son.

But now the day of reckoning was here.
Sarah, went to her Lord trembling with fear.
She saw what was a beautiful garden to behold.
Such beautiful streets all paved with gold.

With tears in her eyes, she cried out in pain.
Oh Lord, why did you lead me this way.
The Lord said "Behold the fruit of your labors are before you today.
Each hand you held each time that you prayed. "....