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12 Step Recovery Program

Sometimes for those of us who have grown up in the glass house we struggle with the idea of we have to be perfect. As anyone knows  this isn't possible. So, as a result of this, below you will find the....

12 Step Recovery Program for Preacher's Kids
1. We admit that we are not perfect nor will ever be this side of heaven and it is ok.
2. We admit its ok to make mistakes and to learn from them.
3. We admit that everyone (even the preacher and his family) are capable of sin and that we have a merciful God.
4. We admit it is ok to leave our parents church in order to grow as a Christian in our own walk with God if it is necessary.
5. We admit that we may have anger toward those who may have damaged us in the past and to ask forgiveness for it.
6. We admit that the majority of churches we view from a point of skepticism because of past issues.
7. We admit we perceive many churches as not spirit led but are in fact a power struggle between "powers" in the church.
8. We admit we have to search out a caring God through our own walk and to let the tribulations teach us.
9. We admit that our parents may not see us as adult Christians and when they try to "offer advice" on a situation, it is their problem of not seeing us as adults and not as something we have done wrong.
10. We admit we always feel that we are in the limelight and our lives are under a microscope because of our upbringing.
11. We admit that sometimes we need to make amends for things we have said/done in a fit of anger, rebellion or depression.
12. We admit we may not understand everything that happens but God is in control, not the powers in the church nor the deacon board nor the gossipers in the Amen Corner.

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