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Day Before Campmeeting

Twas the day before campmeeting and all through the place
The dust was a flying, from every bookcase
The furniture was moved and the hearth had been swept
The house looked neater than it ever was kept

The children were busy running here and there
Avoiding momma’s cleaning whenever they dared
Creeping through the kitchen to grab them a snack
Running to make it to the haven out back

When all of sudden she saw them sneak by
Cookies in hand, they just had to try
To make their escape but it was too late
They had been spotted, that had sealed their fate.

The noontime sun was shining so bright
There was so much to do before it was night
The guest room wasn’t finished, that became Susie’s task
She had to get it done, Momma didn’t ask.

When in all the rushing, the dreaded phone call came
It was Brother Buford, yes that was his name.
He thought he’d call up to let momma know
He’d made it to town early, despite the traffic so slow

Would it be any trouble if just came on out?
He would stay out of the way, there was simply no doubt.
Momma smiled "Of course" and hung up the phone
She knew what to do, she wasn’t alone.

As quick as a wink, she began to dial
And soon was talking to old Sister Pyle.
"Brother Buford just phoned from the five and dime,
I know you live close, would you have the time,

To run over there and perhaps invite him to tea?
I’m sure he’s so tired, and there’s no place to me
Like your home to escape the noise and the fuss
You’re such a blessing to everyone of us.

Thank you so much you’re so gracious and kind
I’m so sure he’ll be grateful, for the peace of his mind.
Now next time you’re this way make sure you stop by
And sit for a spell with coffee and pie."

She turned from the phone with a mighty roar
"Come on everyone" and headed for the door
"The preacher will be here within a few hours
We don’t have much time" as she reached for some flowers

Kathy headed upstairs with a broom in her hand
The rooms were a’waiting, there in parsonage land.
Sammy went for the sheets that were drying outside
Brought them to Susie and took off to hide

Wasn’t too much longer before they were ready
For old Brother Buford and beloved Sister Betty
Momma sat down in her rocker awaiting the time
Her house was now spotless from all dirt and grime.

The car could be heard coming from way down the road
Brother Buford was nearing our humble abode
We ran out to meet the preacher and his wife
Who brought candy and goodies to our way of life

But something was different, how could we have known
Campmeeting would take on such a different tone.
For when Buford arrived, we were all in dismay
Instead of Sister Betty, he brought Sister Kay.


Copywritten 1996-2007 by Higher Faith Ministries Inc. Bristol TN. All rights reserved.