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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a glass house? For many preacher's kids that is what their home is. It isn't a safe haven from the world but instead is a place where everyone is always watching and ready to jump in and offer criticism. Everything that will appear here has been written by someone who grew up in this glass house. These reflect upon their reactions to being in the spotlight. That is what this area is all about, living in the glass house. Of course there are some positives that arrive out of this situation but there are also some negatives. We intend to try and show both. We hope that this will encourage the younger ones who are still going through this and to trigger memories in the older both to reminisce and to help heal wounds that may have been buried too long by the scars and never truly healed.

If you grew up in this glass house called the parsonage, we invite you to send us your contributions.




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