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Lessons in the Backseat of a Car

by Kelly

I lived in a Preacher's Home- and was afforded many life lessons because of it. But the ones that made the biggest impact on my life occurred in the backseat of my daddy's car.

It was from there I saw love in action. The question What Would Jesus Do answered by visual aide- not just easily spoken words. From my place in the backseat, I remember waiting as he shared the gospel with the down and out on the side of the liquor store. I remember sliding over to make room for some weary walker. To this day, even from the front seat, I can still feel that anticipation that used to build when we would run to the nearest McDonald's and hurry back to someone in need of a night's meal. I was always afraid they would get away. My view changed with each opportunity to LOVE-sometimes a gas station, or an abandoned old house where movement had just barely been detected-an overpass where men crouched for shelter, or simply along the roadside. Momma was always in the front, waiting and watching with us-encouraging us to pray if the Plan of Salvation was being presented. She kept a stash of tracts in there just for these occasions. I don't think there was ever a stop where she didn't remind us that there were "angels unaware" amongst us. Sometimes we went to bed just knowing we had met one-after returning to the place where we had last seen them, only to find them gone in an instant. We used to miss bedtime due to combing a town over in search of the traveling individual who had just been there 2 minutes ago-usually after thinking of something else they might could use and attempting to bring it to them. Only after I got older and moved out into the real world- one not viewed through stained glass spectacles- did I realize how unique it was to witness love like that. The first year of my marriage- to a wonderful man- but one of total opposite upbringing, my heart was crushed so many times, after reading a sign, but not turning around. Or after witnessing someone with car trouble and not stopping to offer a hand...we always used to stop no matter how mechanically inclined the need seemed to be- just to see what help we could be of

I am glad to say that it isn't like that anymore- but it is with fondness that I look back and remember a place where it wasn't even a question whether we would stop or not. And it is still like that when you go there today-if you opt to ride along, you are accepting the risk of a delayed trip, because there is no telling who may need to be loved along the way. PK life was hard- sometimes it still has its burdens- but there are some priceless treasures that make it all worth while- to me, this is one of them. A valuable lesson learned, taught through example...evidence that this big big love is more than a job, it is something deep within the heart...if you have to endure dark times, as we all do- why not for a cause such as this?


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