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The Preachers' Kids Strike
AussieBird January 24, 2003

Scores of PKs across the world,
according to church lore,
declared that from a certain date
they'd suffer wrong no more.
So boldly they recommended,
Striking's the only way.
And many e-mails were sent forth
(East and West and South and North)
to plan the fateful day.

You're asking now who were these ones
to prepare a strike plan?
Ministers' and preachers' kids
proposed henceforth to ban
the things expected to be done,
to 'got to', 'must' and 'should',
the expectation that these kids
would constantly be 'good'.

'Passive resistance is our mode,'
one group did recommend.
'No, that's all wrong,' was the reply,
'Our rights must we defend.
No, confrontation is the way,
been nice guys long enough!
It really is the time to show
them that we can be tough.'

'They think we're horrors anyway!
Some constantly abuse
our parents for not raising us
just in the way they'd choose.
Let's withdraw service for a while;
let's show them what it's like
when PKs don't co-operate,
when PKs go on strike!'

The Missionary Kids in many lands
said, 'Not the way to go.
Our parents do it tough enough.
We can't join in, but know
that we support you in our hearts
and were we "over there"
we'd join in passive resistance
to show you that we care!'

PKs in Eastern U S A
said, 'Let’s leave them in the lurch:
Unless we really want to go,
no more attending church.'
Mid-west they cut all their music,
no more sing, lead, or play,
no music at the services -
the strikers had their way.

North and South, PKs refused
'Pot Luck' meals to attend.
Their mothers tried so very hard
their children to defend.
While overseas, in Aussieland
very strange to relate,
they did not take some 'finger food' -
refused to 'take a plate'!

The youth living in Canada
refused to lead meetings.
Kiwi PKs did not assist
with welcomes and greetings.
Committees met, but shock, surprise -
meeting notes weren't taken.
And stacking chairs and cleaning up -
all these tasks forsaken!

U K PK's, their action plan:
(devoted as a rule)
to deacons' horror they declared
'No teaching Sunday School!
We won't answer home telephones
nor open the front door.
And interrupted evening meals
won't happen any more!'

In some towns the militant ones
planned tougher things to do.
Office equipment was gummed up
with tubes of a strong glue.
Lists of grievances being taped on
to church doors now were seen.
Church cars and vans all suddenly
were painted hideous green.

Then a minister's brow was sad,
a chaplain's speech was low,
declaring their sons had gone mad,
and daughters?! - who would know
what progeny hoped to achieve
with actions quite insane?
'Career's gone!', a bishop intoned.
No promotion!', a rector groaned.
'We've images to maintain!'

To other countries in the world
then did the action spread.
Stewards, deacons, church officers
reacted with much dread,
when annual conferences were held --
loud picketing outside!
'Bigger stipends for our parents!
In "dumps" we won't reside!'

Church hierarchies with some disgust
conferred by phone and fax.
'Just nuisance value', some declared.
'This generation's lax'.
Aussie Synods said, 'Parsons' kids! --
So what can you expect?
When their parents don't raise them up
Church structures to respect.'

'These Preachers' Kids, those Officers' Brats!'
Denominations mourned.
'Bring in Celibacy of Clergy'.
But Bible Colleges scorned:
'There'll be fewer future students
from their ranks, if so --
though why they ever volunteer
for Ministry, we don't know!'

So three very tense months later
(to some, it seemed like more)
the Preachers' Kids decided to
be 'helpful', as before.
The hierarchy reacted with
an obvious relief --
the effect on congregations
had been beyond belief.

The PKs now felt more valued,
were seen as 'people' too.
Not taken so much for granted,
so many tasks to do.
Churchgoers had learned some lessons,
some preacher fathers too.
But in the future, will this last?
Have we really learned from the past?
I just don't know, do you?


Copywritten 1996-2007 by Higher Faith Ministries Inc. Bristol TN. All rights reserved.