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*****This is published as it was written by a PK.

Shambles of the Fire

Pushing, trying,
Up and down, crying
Come play with fire, let it rise up and burn
But oh be so careful, someday it may turn

Its fun to play, to let the wall down
To imagine myself beautiful as I go through the town
Being desired and wanted, to hear the mating call
But its all make believe, its not real at all

It doesn’t take much, the wall rises again
I fear I'm pushing too hard, I just needed a friend
I can’t do this but I want to, the pull is so strong
Its dangerous for me, I can’t do anything wrong

I don't want to hurt you, I don't want you to burn
But the flame inside me causes me to yearn
Torn apart at the seams to get what I need
Is it right, is it wrong, I don't want you to bleed

I can't continue this way, I can't let it go on
The music inside has words for a song
Am I open or shut, the world will never know
The masks I put on are all just a show

I learned early on to cover up well
Will you see the real me? Only time will tell
Who am I? what am I? I really can't say
The me you see at times is only the one for that day

I can be a real bitch or a kind loving soul
I can be a comedienne, but the truth is never told
The mood that I am in gives me my mask for the day
Whether I'm sad or upset or in the mood for a lay

Take me as you see me if to know me you really desire
But be warned I don't want to burn you with the flame of the fire


Copywritten 1996-2007 by Higher Faith Ministries Inc. Bristol TN. All rights reserved.